[Apps] 2014

August 25, 2014 @Jaume

For the past three years, I’ve been running a series called [Books] that, once a year, would list the books that I found indispensable to read. This year, considering the changes that I went through from a workflow perspective, I thought it would be appropriate to start focusing on apps that I found indispensable on my computers as well.

The list below includes my top picks for apps that I use several times every day and is organized in two sections: mobile and desktop apps.


I included only iOS apps because the iPhone and the iPad are my portable computers. I don’t use Android OS but also you will find most of these apps in the Play Store.

  1. Whatsapp. This app doesn’t need description
  2. Feedly. The best news aggregator
  3. Alien Blue. A reddit client
  4. Mailbox. The most fast mail processor I used
  5. Reminders. The iOS task manager
  6. Instagram. A photo social network
  7. CodeHub. GitHub repositories manager
  8. Tapatalk. The app to follow multiple online communities
  9. Plex. The best streaming media player
  10. Runkeeper. An app to track all the fitness activity


I just considered the apps I use daily or weekly. With that said, let’s dive in.

  1. Adobe Lightroom. Photo editing and management program. I began using Aperture but Lightroom is faster managing my 22.980 photos
  2. Autodesk Autocad / Inventor. Tools for 3D mecanichal design
  3. GitHub. The best way to host and manage this blog
  4. Google Drive. This app doesn’t need description neither
  5. iMovie. An Apple app to make videos
  6. Plex Home Theater. A Plex desktop client
  7. Safari. The Apple web browser
  8. Flickr Uploadr. The best way to publish photos on Flickr
  9. TextMate. The killer text editor for writing code
  10. Adobe Photoshop… you know