My first modern mechanical keyboard

August 12, 2016 @Joan

A Pok3r keyboard with cherry MX Red and ANSI layout. A keyboard is a keyboard and it’s possible to work and play with whatever object you can find; indeed I has been working for years with normal membrane keyboards given away by stores completely ignoring more expensive keyboards.

I was looking for something different and I bought this mechanical keyboard. Yep, the writing experience is quite better. A good article to start is an introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches.

I chose the red switches because they are linear, top-to-bottom switches, but they require less force to press down, the keys feel smoother and easier to use, and less tiring than the other mechanisms. I’m pretty sure that I’m not looking for a “clicky” switch - the standard sound is ok for me. I’m typing just to type. I was filling in captchas for fun. Clickety clackety click clack. Shiny bright LEDs. Glorious!